Encountering Surrealism

I came to Surrealism and painting late. It was a process of fits and starts. As early as 12 I fell on a technique of using chalks and pastels to create an interesting background. Then I picked out in charcoal a face that had magically emerged before my eyes. With hindsight I realised that this was my first surrealist work.

Ernst’s Robing of the Bride, Brauner’s Le Surrealiste, (The Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice) and works by female Surrealists at an exhibition at the V&A were a revelation. I was transfixed and transported.

The skills to give form to my own inner visions were provided by a three-year traditional training at the Welsh Academy of Art.

Surrealism in Wales

A chance encounter in a local garden centre with Trish and John Richardson and a conversation about Ithell Colquhoun led to my involvement with the Welsh Tribe of Surrealists.

Here is the link to the website of my friend John Richardson, who has a comprehensive list on his site of links to Surrealists far and wide.

My recent book of poems and illustrations

My Cover image for Patastrophe –  a surrealist magazine described by the creators as “the journal of Surrealerpool Collage of alchymical, flaneurial and ‘pataphysical studies”.